— Richard Bach

i was left to my own d e v i c e s

❅—- ❝Whoo-hoooo! First day of Autumn!
           You know what that means! Hahaha!❞

                         ❝Time for a little pre-winter ƒυη!❞

"Why me?"
"You have something special inside, Jack Frost."


    Independent Toothiana blog from the GoC/RoTG series.

♕ Foundation taken from the books, but primarily merges book, movie, and personal headcanon into one.
♕ Multiverse, Multiship, AU, OC, and Crossover friendly.
♕ Para, One Liner, Chat, Icons, etc. Generally makes an effort to match your preferences to some degree.
♕ 10+ years experience roleplaying, 20 months on Tumblr with this muse in particular.
♕ Mun is 23; can’t keep up with you youngun’s these days.
♕ And is also very shy, but arguably pleasant! Skype is available on request.♕ Tries to keep a decent balance between IC, OoC, Drawing, Reblogs, and crack. { Success varies by day. }
♕ Tags for nsfw, triggers, and other concerns on request.

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