"Why me?"
"You have something special inside, Jack Frost."


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Images flooded her mind at his inquiry, the upturned
corner of her lips falling back into place, pressing in
a thin line. It wasn’t that long ago. A month, perhaps,
since the incident occurred. They were merely playing.
How could such innocence convert to terror as rapidly
as it did? No way to have prevented it. The ‘what ifs’
plagued the young princess non-stop. Then those
inquisitions turned into visual images that tormented
her during most nights, leaving the girl sobbing wrapped
within her blankets. It was frightening to experience.

               Azure eyes wouldn’t look up into those of the
               other, focused more on her reflection in the
               floor that stared back. Lips trembled, throat
               tightening in resistance from crying. Hadn’t
               there been enough of that? The memories
               weren’t fading; they never would, much to her
               dismay. A permanent, emotional wound.

        “She is, but… I don’t want to hurt her again. Mama and
        Papa said it’s better if I stay away. They don’t even open
        the gates or windows anymore. Anna doesn’t remember
        anything and that’s probably a good thing. She knocks
        sometimes, but I don’t let her in. What I did was worse
        than a mistake. I can’t forgive what I did…”

❅—-  He took note of her sudden reluctance to meet his gaze, his
         smile faltering beneath the soft tremor in her tone. She
         was terrified; positively scared to death to hurt the people that
         she loved. It was such a jarring juxtaposition to his own
         experience; when he’d discovered his powers he’d been as
         delighted as a kid at Christmas. But that jubilant memory was
         short-lived… because he’d quickly discovered that in exchange
         for such phenomenal power, he was utterly alone.

                 …and, like himself, her powers had isolated her.

                      But even more than that, her fear had crippled her.

      ❝…doesn’t remember… huh?❞ He murmured, refusing to budge
            from his bow-legged crouch before her. ❝…well kiddo… I’ll tell
            you one thing.❞ He reassured her, unfurling one set of
            frostbitten fingers from its secure grip around his staff to tip her
            chin up and force her to meet his soft snowfall of a gaze.

                 ❝…the first person who has to forgive you… is you. 
                              Until then, you can’t expect anyone else to. But
                                           y’know…. Iforgive you.❞

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"Well unless you have a horse and carriage hidden behind those trees I am not sure how much help you would be" she said, a smile curving at her lips. His kindness was appreciated by the young dancer, but she saw no means in which he would be able to help her and Djali.

"Thank you though"

❅—- ❝Hmmm…~❞ The spirit shrugged, rolling his snow dusted
          shoulders in mock complacency as he folded his frigid fingers
          behind his back, twining them around the branch of his staff. 
         ❝…I think I can do you one better.❞

                        And it was in that moment that the gypsy may
          just begin to comprehend the gravity of her error in judgement.

         In an instant, his arms had swept out in a swipe of his staff to frost over the ground beneath her barren feet. A thin sheet of ice force her balance to give way, and a powerful gust of winter wind came rushing at her teetering back to send both she and her furry companion hurtling down the adjacent hill like a make-shift sled ride… minus the sled.

           And, following just a few feet in front of her with
           as much agility as though he wore a pare of practiced
           skates in place of his bare heels, was the spirited winter
           sprite… carving out an icy slide for her along the ground
           with the curved end of his staff and laughing all the way.


Her wings fluttered excitedly as a smile graced her lips and her heart quickened with the rise of absolute excitement. This was going to be so amazingly awesome!


"I’m so ready to have some fun!"

❅—- ❝That’s the spirit!❞ He laughed, bounding from his perch and
           re-positioning himself on top of a snow-dusted rock. He thrust
           the crooked end of his staff out towards her
           enthusiastically. ❝Alright! Tell me what your favorite game is!❞

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