Protector and friend to all children
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Contending and fighting to be visible.
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; send me a six word story describing my muse.

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                    ♔ —- ❝Try making your feet lighter than snow next time, you just might succeed.❞

❅—- Oh-ho! He laughed indignantly.


         ”Uh, in case you hadn’t noticed, your Majesty… I am the snow.

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    “A sled?” Her brow creased slightly,
           mind wandering aimlessly to years ago.

               “When I was still a child.
             Eight. Forever ago. A… lifetime ago.
             Though - I suppose that’s a bit
             insensitive to say around you. Apologies.

                               - but! Sledding sounds wonderful, Jack.”

❅—- Insensitive? He wasn’t sure how… but his mind was moving to
        quickly to let it matter in that moment. He raised up on the hackles
        of the winter breeze to drift a little closer to her in an egging nature.

         ”That’s the spirit! C’mon, it’s like riding a bike. I’m sure you haven’t
          forgotten how to have a little ƒυη.


♔—- ❝Did you honestly think you could sneak past me?❞

❅—- Well… I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.

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                    ❝Seriously? You’re doubting my abilities?

—I mean, being the God of winter
conditions is cool and all, but give me
some credit, buddy.❞

❅—- God, huh? That’s a new one. I think I could get used to it!
         He laughed wildly, spiraling off in a head start to their race;
         clearly an unfair advantage, but to the mischievous spirit all
         was fair when it came to having ƒυη.

                              “In that case, you’d better start praying!

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❅—- Haha! Well put your money where your mouth is!


                 ”Very.” He insisted, thinking about Elsa’s regal appearance but
                 knew she was nothing more than a softy underneath.  


                 ”What do you mean by that?” Dark brows pulling together in confusion
                 and protectiveness, squaring up now and swatting the staff away. Unsure
                 now if telling Jack about Elsa was a good idea. e knew she certainly
                 didn’t need anyone disturbing her while she was working. “I don’t know
                 she might be busy…” Though, there was a chance she might take a
                 break if he told her about Jack’s unusual powers.

                 A sudden thought occurred to the snowman as he looked the Frost
                 boy over. “Are you a prince?”


❅—- Aww, c’mon. He goaded the little snowman, conjuring a
         delicate snowflake from the wan center of his palm to roll over
         his knuckles in a mindlessly musing gesture. …everyone
         needs to take a break and have a little fun. Especially a
         Queen. He countered, extending his pallid fingers to send the
         snowflake off on a path on the wind to gingerly perch itself on
         the very tip of the snowman’s carrot nose.


                  “Hm? He blinked, considering the question
                  momentarily. An amused smile curled his frigid features
                  as he slung the staff that Olaf had swatted away over his
                  frosted shoulders, traipsing around the tiny snowman in
                  a sly musing. Hmm… well… I guess you could say
                  that… He teased. Prince of Winter, perhaps. King of
                 Snow? Oh-ho yeah. He could get used to that.

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